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Camera Sensor Cleaning and Lens Cleaning

DSLR sensor cleaning and lens cleaning service

Are your photos as crisp and clear as they should be? Do you have dark spots on your photos?
You may need to have your lens or camera sensor cleaned. Removing and changing lenses on your DSLR leaves your mirror box, focusing screen, and sensor exposed to the environment. Even normal use on cameras with non-sealed lenses can result in less than perfect images due to dust, oils, salt spray, all things that reduce image quality, and at worst can cause expensive damage to your camera.

You can check your sensor for dust quite easily, put your camera into aperture priority mode, set the ISO to 100 or 200, point your camera at the sky, or if inside, a plain white wall or ceiling, close aperture to f22 or higher, set the focus as far out of focus as you can get, and fire off a shot. When reviewing the shot, sensor dust will be quite obvious as seen in the picture below (not taken using this method, but the dust is still clearly seen)

dirty sensor - sensor cleaning brisbane - lens cleaning - Ian Schulz
Extreme example, after a long period in dusty conditions, this is what images can look like.

Sensor and lens cleaning:

For years I have been cleaning cameras, lenses, and other associated equipment for friends and workshop & meetup attendees, but am now offering this service to all.

I offer sensor cleaning on all makes and models of Digital SLRs and Compact System (mirrorless) Cameras, in all sizes m4/3, APS-C, and full frame. I can have your camera cleaned and ready to shoot in 1-2 days. I clean sensors by factory approved method under multi power magnification. Your sensor will be cleaned more thoroughly and safer than if you were attempting it yourself.

Sensor cleaning and test – $95
Lens cleaning and test – $75

Pick-up and delivery service – Brisbane and suburbs – $35
or come and see me at a workshop or at one of my meetups

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