Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

Ian Schulz Photography Sydney Harbour Bridge Circular Quay


Despite our hectic schedule at this time of year, we managed to get away to Sydney for a couple of days to take in some fresh scenery. It turned out our timing was very poor as we landed in Sydney to a heat wave, so we tended to gravitate to the air conditioned spaces to keep cool. I managed to get a few shots after taking in a show at the Sydney Opera House, while the temperature didn’t seem to drop as the sun went down, the sky did put on a little bit of cloud for a little bit of interest.


Ian Schulz Photography Sydney Opera House Bennelong

The Bennelong Restaurant in the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House.

Ian Schulz Photography Queen Victoria Building Sydney George Pitt

The Queen Victoria Building, one of the air-conditioned refuges we sought out to escape the heat wave passing through the city this weekend.

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